Team of PrISMA researcher publish in Nature

P. G. Boyd, A. Chidambaram, E. García-Díez, C. P. Ireland, T. D. Daff, R. Bounds, A. Gładysiak, P. Schouwink, S. M. Moosavi, M. M. Maroto-Valer, J. A. Reimer, J. A. R. Navarro, T. K. Woo, S. Garcia, K. C. Stylianou, and B. Smit, Data-driven design of metal–organic frameworks for wet flue gas CO2 capture Nature 576 (7786), 253 (2019)

A molecular representation of the carbon capture material Al-PMOF (picture by Mohamad Moosavi and Kevin Jablonka; iRASPA software was used for visualisation)

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