Prof. André Bardow
Principal Investigator

I am the director for the laboratory for Energy and Process Systems Engineering (EPSE) at ETH Zurich. The goal of my research is the design of sustainable energy and chemical process systems by integrating energy systems engineering, adsorption-based systems, physical property measurements, and computer-aided molecular design with life cycle assessment.

 Research interests: life cycle assessment, carbon capture and utilization, sorption technologies, integrated molecular and process design, property measurements

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schilling
Research Associate

I am a postdoc in the group of André Bardow at ETH Zurich. I have done my Ph.D. at RWTH Aachen University in the integrated design of processes and molecules in energy and chemical engineering, exploring the link of process modeling, predictive thermodynamics, and molecular design. As part of the PrISMa project, I am exploring how environmental aspects can be incorporated in the materials screening and how the data-driven materials approaches can be used to efficiently assess materials on the process-level. Furthermore, I support the life cycle assessment of the identified promising materials to determine their environmental impact.

Research interests: molecular design, optimization, life cycle assessment, process design