Kevin Maik Jablonka

I am a PhD student in the group of Berend Smit where I explore ways in which data-driven techniques can aid materials discovery. I particularly enjoy using machine learning on datasets that are often neglected but still contain a lot of hidden value. Over the course of my studies, I moved from doing synthesis over ultrafast spectroscopy to computational chemistry, which helps me in working with experimental datasets.  

Research interests: data-driven materials discovery,  big-data, machine learning,  simulations

Sauradeep Majumdar

I am working on the construction of hypothetical metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and their evaluation for different applications like carbon capture, photocatalysis. As part of PrISMa, I am working on WP2, focusing on the calculation of different material properties required for material screening. I am skilled in molecular simulation of adsorption .

Research interests: Molecular Simulations, Carbon Capture, Metal Organic Frameworks, Adsorption, Gas Separation

Elias Moubarak
PhD Researcher

I am a Doctoral Assistant in the LSMO at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne working on carbon capture and sequestration using nanoporous material. In PrISMa, I am part of WP2 (Computational Materials Genome), which mainly focuses on developing computational methods that could be used to select the most promising materials based on KPIs that would stem from the carbon capture system.

Research interests: carbon capture and sequestration, computational methods, adsorption, materials genome, gas separation

Nency Domingues
PhD Researcher

I am a PhD student in the Laboratory of Molecular Simulation (LSMO) at EPFL, working on the synthesis and characterization of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for gas adsorption applications and CO2 reduction. As part of the PrISMa project, my main focus is to effectively design, synthesize and characterize sorbent materials that have been found to be promising for wet flue gas CO2 capture.

Research interests: Metal-organic frameworks, material design, adsorption processes, carbon capture

Aisha Asghar
Research Associate

I am a postdoc in PrISMa project working at Laboratory of Molecular Simulation (LSMO), EPFL. My primary focus is designing, synthesis and characterization of highly tailored Metal Organic Framework materials (MOFs) that can be used for energy efficient carbon capture applications.

Research Interests: Metal organic frameworks, materials synthesis, material characterization, carbon dioxide capture.

Balázs Novotny
PhD Researcher

I am a PhD student in the experimental section of LSMO at EPFL, with a research focus on devising metal-organic frameworks for sorption-based applications. Some of my key interests are homochiral MOF for enatioseparations and bioinspired functional materials. For the PrISMa project, I have contributed by advancing the measurement of the specific heat of MOF, thereby validating pertaining computation predictions. I am also working on the synthesis of ligands and MOF, as part of our carbon dioxide sorbent screening effort.

Research interests: supramolecular chemistry, organic synthesis, enatioseparations, material design, thermal analysis

Anastasia Blokhina
PhD Researcher

I am doing a PhD in the Laboratory of Molecular Simulation at EPFL under the supervision of Berend Smit. In the framework of PrISMa project, I am working on the synthesis and characterization of metal-organic frameworks as promising sorbent materials for CO2 capture.          

Research interests: metal-organic frameworks, materials synthesis and characterization, carbon capture.

Xiaoqi Zhang
PhD Researcher

I am a Ph.D. student working in the LSMO at EPFL under the supervision of Berend Smit. My research focuses on finding the hidden chemical patterns in the MOF databases with machine learning. I am particularly passionate about developing robust and trustworthy machine-learning models for gas adsorption and separation.

Research interests: Machine learning, Molecular simulations, Metal-organic frameworks, gas adsorption and separation