Our aim is to accelerate the transition of energy and industrial sectors to a low-carbon economy by developing a technology platform to tailor-make cost-efficient carbon capture solutions for a range of different CO2 sources and CO2 use/destinations.


  • To establish a methodology, based on an effective carbon price (ECP) metric, that allows translation of specific carbon abatement requirements for industrial and CO2 delivery sites into key performance indicators (KPIs) of capture processes for screening and synthesis of novel materials (WP1).
  • To effectively design new and advanced materials at the molecular level with the optimum process-informed properties and guided by process-derived KPIs (WP2).
  • Efficient high-throughput synthesis and characterization of promising novel sorbent materials that have been molecularly found to be optimal for a given separation (WP3).
  • To standardize and evaluate rapidly and efficiently the dynamic performance of novel sorbent materials under relevant process conditions (WP4).
  • To evaluate the competitiveness of advanced sorbent-based capture technologies in terms of cost, environmental impact, scale and reliability (WP5).
  • To outreach, communicate and exemplify novel breakthrough materials and CCUS technologies to society (WP6).