PhD opening in Chemical Engineering

Title: Accelerating the deployment of Sorbent-based Direct Air Capture (DAC) Technologies

In addition to substantial cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, humanity needs to remove a large amount of carbon dioxide, CO2, from the atmosphere to meet agreed climate targets. Using engineered processes, ‘direct air capture’ (DAC) has the potential to operate at scales surpassing other Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) options, with a nearly unlimited capacity to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, provided that the captured CO2 can be stored permanently.

We are looking for a creative and highly motivated student willing to work as part of an international and multidisciplinary team with expertise to support the research activities of our upcoming USorb-DAC project. The aim of the project is to unlock the scalable potential of DAC by addressing its affordability issue while maintaining its scalability, flexibility, and ease of capture verification. By coupling basic science with engineering and environmental aspects, we will develop an in-depth understanding of materials structure-property-performance relationships across different time scales and under relevant and realistic DAC operation conditions. The PhD project will involve the design, synthesis and testing of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and other solid sorbent materials that are tailored for the most economical DAC process.

For any informal enquiries and to apply for this opportunity, please send your CV and/or contact Prof Susana Garcia (HWU) on: