The first set of lectures is a review of the classical thermodynamics of adsorption.  A playlist with all the videos of this part can be found here

In the first video the equilibrium conditions are discussed. The important point here is that adsorption isotherms gives the amount that is adsorbed as a function of the pressure. However, pressure is not defined inside a nanoporous material and hence the equilibrium conditions are different. The slides of the lectures can be found here.

The second video discusses the Langmuir isotherm in detail. We show how it is derived and the interpretation of the different coefficients. The slides can be found here:

The third video illustrates how one can compute a Henry coefficient of a material. Here we use some results from Statistical Thermodynamics that give a surprisingly simple interpretation of a Henry coefficient. With this result we compute the Henry coefficient of some simple model materials. The slides can be found here:

In the fourth video we discuss how one can estimate the temperature dependence of the Henry coefficient. The slides of this lecture are here:

The fifth and final video is about the heat of adsorption how it is measured. The slides are here: