The second set of lectures is focused on the role of CO2 in the atmosphere, its impact on the climate, and the carbon cycle.

The lecture consists of the following sets of videos. A playlist with all videos can be found here:

The first set is related to the properties of the atmosphere:

The second set is related to climate and climate change:  

  • In this video we look at climate change. Climate change has been associated with measured increase of the temperature, but this is not the only effect that has been measured. In the early days, scientists have been skeptical about this temperature increase and they have carried out all kind of experiments to debunk this hypothesis. All these experiments, however, pointed in the same direction. The slides of this lecture are here:

In the third set of lectures we discuss the role of models, climate models and scenarios that are introduced by the IPCC:

The fourth set of lectures are related to the carbon cycle. How is the earth managing its carbon? The lectures are organized in “The good, The Bad, and the Ugly”:

  • The good, is a video ( ) about the carbon cycle before the industrial revolution
  • The bad, is a video ( ) in which we discuss the current, and
  • The Ugly, is a video () in which we discuss the future carbon cycle

 The slides of these three videos can be found here:

For those interested in having a more detailed discussion on changes in the oceans and ecosystems, here is an extra video, and the corresponding slides: