Dominik Pantak | a journey towards a PhD

I was first introduced to adsorption-based carbon capture systems when I worked with the RCCS group, as this is one of my key research interests. Following the completion of my project and my Chemical Engineering degree, Dr Susana Garcia Lopez invited me to complete an internship to continue my work with the group and publish it. My research project was part of the PrISMa project and entailed the development of a software package in Python to aid with adsorption isotherm modelling, a crucial step in the process modelling of adsorption processes. This internship provided me with a fantastic opportunity to develop my presentation skills as I presented my findings and progress on a weekly basis to the group. It also greatly strengthened my time management skills, as I had to ensure the software package and paper were completed before the end of my internship. I was given continual support throughout this internship from my supervisors across RCCS and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Dr Charithea Charalambous, Dr Susana Garcia Lopez, Elias Moubarak and Prof. Berend Smit, for which I am very grateful. Furthermore, publishing the software package under an open-source licence was very rewarding and inspired me to pursue academia further in the form of a PhD starting in Autumn.