"To sustainability and beyond: A computer-​animated story on energy & chemicals", the inaugural lecture of Prof. Bardow with is taking
 The "Frontiers Award" to an internationally outstanding and renowned scientist has been presented by the MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion
Fast-track development of carbon capture: Integration of materials, processes, techno-economics, and life-cycle assessment Dr. Charithea Charalambous Finding Promising Carbon Capture Adsorbents
PrISMa research team attended the Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Gordon Research Conference held in Ventura, California from 3-8 April
PrISMa researcher, Dr Charithea Charalambous, who is the PrISMa Technical lead for the Process modelling activities at Heriot-Watt University was awarded
"A Future Made podcast" is a new podcast series by Heriot-Watt University, aiming to showcase researchers' innovative work in science, business,